Over the years, Windward Media has photographed  everything imaginable, but has come to specialize in a few distinct areas. Among them are portfolio work for architects, builders, and designers, manufacturing and industrial facilities, as well as aviation, marine, and auto interests. Other areas of special interest include action sports, travel, cityscapes, and scenics.

Our photographs have appeared in and on every conceivable medium, including national magazines, calendars, annual reports, promotional brochures, books, billboards, web-sites, and even clothing.

We never compromise our commitment to make each subject appear in the best light it possibly can. With a strong background in fine art, our photos tend to capture a certain beauty even in the mundane.
We believe that it shouldn't cost a fortune to acquire the exact images that you need. Depending on the job, we typically charge a reasonable hourly or day rate, plus expenses.

Once the photographs are taken, we will supply slides or digital proofs for your review. After working images are chosen, we can do digital image correction as desired, then supervise the output process to insure that the end product is as good as the original.

Finally, unlike stock images where we retain the creative copyright, if you pay for an assignment, the negatives and proofs generally belong to you. To insure their preservation for future use, we can create back-up copies of your valuable photographs for your digital archives.