Our limited edition prints are available in two distinctly different medium... as traditional photographic prints, and as Giclée fine art prints on watercolor paper or canvas.

While some of the images might look best either as a photographic print or as a Giclée, many look just as impressive either way. On photo paper, they will have a crisp, clean quality, while on watercolor paper or canvas they appear softer, with a rich traditional artistic look.

In some cases, the image has been subtly but purposely manipulated to enhance it's particular artistic qualities, as in softened edges and/or brush strokes that give the picture the look and feel of a fine painting. These images are most suited to printing on watercolor paper or canvas.

All of our prints can be made in any size ~ from very small miniatures to billboard sized murals.
Both types of prints are created with fully archival materials and pigmented inks. Displayed under normal lighting conditions, they are designed to retain their full range of color and intensity for more than one hundred years.

Archival materials are used in the framing process as well. Essential elements in the overall presentation, the combination of mat and frame are carefully chosen to compliment and enhance the image itself.

If you prefer to purchase an unframed print and frame it yourself, we do recommend that you adhere to the same guidelines to insure that your print will retain it's beauty and value for generations to come.

Each edition is strictly limited to assure it's uniqueness and value as a work of fine art.